Xinghan Company Successfully Held 2023 Work Conference

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Release time:2023-02-27 11:22

Xinghan Company Successfully Held 2023 Work Conference

On January 29, 2023, Henan Xinghan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. held a study and implementation of the spirit of the annual meeting of the group company and the 2023 working meeting of Xinghan Company. Huang Kezheng, secretary of the party committee, chairman and president of the group company, Yan Congyun, deputy secretary of the party committee, director and executive vice president, and Guo Changqi, secretary of the discipline inspection Commission, chairman of the board of supervisors and chairman of the trade union, attended the meeting.

To carry forward the past and forge ahead

All the participants carefully studied the important speech made by Chairman Huang Kezheng at the 2023 working conference of the Group Company. Subsequently, he Zhihua, general manager of xinghan company, made xinghan company's "2023 annual work report", which comprehensively and systematically summarized xinghan company's work in 2022 and pointed out the current deficiencies.

At the same time, the report points out that in the face of the main tasks in 2023, the company should always adhere to the development strategy of "focusing on the main business, strengthening management, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, controlling risks, and polishing the brand", uphold the service concept of "market-oriented, customer-focused", take innovation driven as the guide, and take the transformation and upgrading of business strategy as the path, Actively explore the international and domestic markets, and realize the rapid and high-quality development of production and operation.

Yan Congyun, deputy secretary of the party committee, director and executive vice president of the group company, and Guo Changqi, secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission, chairman of the board of supervisors and chairman of the trade union, respectively put forward requirements on cost management, sales and R & D team building.

Scientific planning, brave new game

Huang Kezheng, secretary of the party committee, chairman and president of the group company, made a concluding speech and made further requirements on the operation and management of Xinghan Company:

1. market development should be put in the first place, seize the development opportunity of gradual economic recovery and the opportunity of "banning plastic", realize the promotion of both production and operation, and firmly establish the service concept of "customer-centered. In 2023, the international market will make new breakthroughs and strive to achieve the target of 5% of foreign trade sales. The domestic market should strengthen the maintenance, construction and development of base areas, stabilize existing customers, develop major customers and tap potential customers.

2. establish and improve the marketing system and incentive mechanism, implement the reward and punishment mechanism of marketing operation results, transmit pressure layer by layer, drive operation through full staff operation, and effectively improve development ability.

3. strengthen cost control. Enhance the cost awareness of all employees, solidly promote the implementation of the post cost responsibility system at all levels, and continuously improve cost standardization management; continue to carry out technological innovation and process optimization to achieve intensive and connotative development; accelerate project construction and reach production standards, and build cost scale advantages.

4. speed up the training of self-owned talents. Strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation talent team from the three links of training, introduction and use, improve the technology management system and science and technology incentive policy; stand on the shoulders of giants, make full use of domestic and foreign advanced technological achievements for comprehensive integration and application development, form the organizational system and operation mechanism of achievement transformation and independent innovation, and gradually build a standardized, mature and professional technical team.

5. adhere to the guidance of science and technology, strengthen innovation drive. It is necessary to select research topics, continue to increase R & D investment, and enhance independent R & D capabilities; accelerate project construction, break through the core bottleneck links in the entire production chain of biodegradable new materials, and add stronger impetus to the company's technological innovation-driven and transformational development.

6. three-dimensional promotion of reform and deepening, fully stimulate the vitality of development. Establish and improve the management process and management system of modern enterprises, optimize the allocation of resources, continuously promote fine management, create high-quality products, shape well-known brands in the industry, and be the "leader" of the industry ".

After the meeting, Huang Kezheng and his party went to Xinghan Company Phase II to inspect the production preparation work and gave important instructions.

The road is vast. 2023 is the crucial and final year of the group company's three-year plan. Under the strategic guidance of the group company, Xinghan company will actively respond to the national white pollution control policy, adhere to green development, adhere to the leading drive, and strive forward with the attitude of struggle and the spirit of rain or shine, Striving hard and indomitable, with real action to promote the company to achieve high-quality and high-speed development, efforts to build a foothold in the Central Plains, facing the country, to the world of biodegradable new materials industry highland.


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