Xinghan Company Successfully Held 2022 Work Conference

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Release time:2022-02-16 18:12

Xinghan Company Convenes Successfully2022 Annual Work Conference

On February 13, 2022, Henan xinghan biotechnology co., ltd. held a study and implementation of the spirit of the annual meeting of the group company and the 2022 working meeting of xinghan company. comrade Yu jianqun, leader of the group company, attended the meeting.         The meeting first conveyed Comrade Huang Kezheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of the Group Company 《The 2022 work report and the spirit of the meeting, and carefully studied Huang zong's important speech at the 2022 work conference of the group company.

He Zhihua, general manager of Xinghan Company, made Xinghan Company's 《2022 Annual Work Report, which comprehensively and systematically summarizes the achievements of Starman in 2021.

2021 is the first year of the national "14th Five-Year Plan" and the starting year of the "Three-Year Plan" of the group company. Facing the many tests in the journey, under the strong leadership and strong support of the group company, Xinghan The company seized the opportunity of "plastic ban", relied on technological advantages, actively explored the market, maintained a steady development momentum, and achieved both production and sales scale and efficiency. While summing up the achievements, the meeting also pointed out the shortcomings in the development of the company, which need to be improved, with the tenacity of ants gnawing bones, constantly accumulating new momentum, and igniting the "new engine" of development ".

The report points out that for StarmanThe company should always adhere to the work target of 2022.The concept of providing high-quality products and services, guided by market demand, driven by technological research and development innovation, and taking the transformation and upgrading of business strategies as the path, actively explore both international and domestic markets, and strive to build"Industry-university-research" integration of biotechnology base.

Yu Jianqun, leader of the group company, delivered a concluding speech on the important speech of Huang Kezheng, secretary of the party committee, chairman and president of the group company, to build youth-oriented enterprises, science and technology-based enterprises, to implement quality and safety management, to pay close attention to basic management, to build a service standardization system, to support the development of growth units and other aspects of profound interpretation, the operation and management of Xinghan company made further requirements:

I. Adhere to cultural guidance, thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the group's annual work report and Mr. Huang's important speech, understand the connotation, and combineThe 2022 work target, detailed arrangement of the department's annual work plan, to promote the work to go deep and practical.

Two: talent team construction."Talent strategy" is the first strategy. Under the general policy of the group company, we should adhere to the combination of recruitment and training, adhere to two legs, speed up the construction of the company's "management personnel, scientific and technological personnel, and practical talents" team, and earnestly grasp the "first priority, first resource" of talents ".

Three: pay close attention to basic management, emancipate the mind, constantly innovate and improve the working mechanism, promote the standardization construction of cost, quality and safety, and take the road of specialization and differentiation.

Four: do a good job of safety training and daily inspection of two points. Actively carry out safety training, equipment operation training, strictly implement the hierarchical control of responsibility and risk points, hidden danger investigation and management, and promote the safety gate to move forward; Closely around the important parts and key links of the factory area to strengthen daily inspection, pre-holiday safety inspection, etc., to ensure that the hidden dangers of accidents can be eliminated or effectively monitored.

Five: product quality is the lifeline of enterprises, to firmly establishThe management and service concepts of "market-oriented, customer-focused" and "good quality, excellent service" realize the control of product quality, cost and other elements through process optimization and work efficiency improvement.

Six: continue to promote fine management. Fine management is the improvement of basic management. It is necessary to continuously improve and refine rules and regulations, comprehensively sort out and refine business processes and implementation procedures, and pay close attention to the implementation of systems and post responsibility systems;6S series of activities, through the standardization of people, the process of things, and the standardization of things, ensure safety, ensure quality, create high-quality products, and shape the "Xinghan Biology" brand.

Seven: to build science and technology enterprises. Continuously strengthen the construction of technology research and development personnel, increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, increase innovation cooperation with scientific research institutes, and promote enterprises to extend production iteration.

Eight: advance planning, and actively explore the lactic acid market. Adhere to the dual drive of domestic sales and international sales, build domestic and international sales networks, stabilize existing customers, tap potential customers, and expand product promotion.

He worked hard and courageously to take on the responsibility, and did not neglect to write a new chapter.In 2022, the company will closely focus on the strategic decision-making and deployment of the group company and xinghan company, strengthen its confidence in the changes of "shape" and "potential", seize the opportunity in the transformation of "danger" and "opportunity", actively act in the unity of "stability" and "progress", and accelerate the construction of 200000 tons/year high-gloss pure polymerized L-lactic acid project, promote the jointing booting of biodegradable new materials industry; With the leadership of the group company, with great foresight and strong support of the layout, Xinghan will certainly hand in a satisfactory answer to the group company with full enthusiasm and excellent results.

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