Spring and autumn bear fruit, farewell to the old and welcome to the new happy get-together

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Release time:2022-01-01 09:39

Spring and autumn fruit, farewell to the old and welcome the new happy get-together. In order to welcome the coming of New Year's Day in 2021, according to the requirements of the Party Committee and the trade union of the Group Company, on December 31, 2021, the trade union of Henan Xinghan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. organized a staff group building activity with the theme of "Spring and Autumn Fruits, New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve.

The activity is mainly divided into two parts: the dumpling making activity of "strong dumpling feeling, warm family" and the quality development sports meeting of "warm winter, endless fun. This activity organized more than 60 young workers from various departments to participate.

Strong dumplings, warm family

At nine o'clock in the morning, the staff restaurant of Xinghan Company was filled with bursts of laughter and excitement. Party branch secretary and general manager He Zhihua, trade union chairman and deputy manager Zhu Mingwei led the male gods and goddesses of the "Yuanbao Team, Happy Team, and Tuan Team" to incarnate as "kitchen gods", personally making dumplings for all employees, sending koi carp, and bringing the warmth of the festival to everyone. The activity has a single person rolling skin, stuffing, double edge sealing, team cooperation, etc. Everyone moves skillfully and methodically. With everyone's active participation, plates of dumplings with thin skin and large stuffing are put on the table. At noon, all the staff ate hot dumplings. While tasting traditional food, they deeply felt the warmth of the Xinghan family and the happiness of being Xinghan people.

Warm winter, fun

At about 2: 00 p.m., "strive for the first place in pursuit of dreams and forge ahead bravely." Zhu Mingwei, chairman of the trade union, delivered a wonderful speech, which opened the prelude to the quality development games. The Games set up four types of events, namely: water table tennis, guessing words with a heart, driving a train, and back-to-back dribbling. The six teams are dressed in a unified "Xinghan Dawn Blue", with a different style and high morale. After a simple warm-up, the teams take vigorous steps and participate in various activities with enthusiasm. The whole competition process was in full swing and full of fun, cheering and cheering with each other, and the laughter and laughter on the scene one after another, as if to return to the colorful, dove-cart bamboo horse time-childhood, is so childlike innocence, so interesting and warm......

Interspersed with the two "Koi" lottery sessions and the passionate singing of popular singers, the scene can be described as crowded with people, bursts of applause, and constant expectations. A New Year's Day sports feast full of enthusiasm, affection, brushed away the cold, and warmed the heart.

After nearly two hours of competition for wisdom and physical strength, unity and cooperation among the athletes, the winners of various activities were finally selected, and all the contestants returned with a full load. The "Xinghan Lactic Acid" blessing wall also left everyone's good expectations for the New year and the "oath of love" for the "Xinghan House".

Youth does not ask the west and east, years become youth. This group building activity not only set up a stage of "healthy life and happy work" for the majority of employees, but also enhanced the communication between departments, enhanced the cohesion of the team, and gathered the positive energy of the company's development.

Touched in the heart, heavy responsibility on the shoulder. In the new year, with the foresight, layout and strong support of the leaders of the group company, they will continue to accumulate new momentum, ignite the "new engine" of development, and run out of Xinghan's "acceleration". Xinghan will certainly hand in a satisfactory answer to the group company with full enthusiasm and excellent results.

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