The second phase of the "three batches" event in Henan Province was held, and Huang Kezheng, chairman of the group company, spoke as a representative

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Release time:2021-10-10 11:36

The second phase of the "three batches" event in Henan Province was held, and Huang Kezheng, chairman of the group company, spoke as a representative

 On October 8, 2021, the province's second phase of the "three batches" event was held to further strengthen the clear orientation of "project is king" and mobilize the whole province to concentrate on projects, promote investment, and increase momentum. Provincial Party Secretary Lou Yangsheng attended and delivered a speech, and Governor Wang Kai made work arrangements. Each province-administered city, Jiyuan demonstration area and each county (city, district) set up branch venues to participate in the meeting simultaneously. Yang Qingjiu, secretary of the Puyang Municipal CPC Committee, and Wan Zhengfeng, mayor of Puyang, attended the meeting. Huang Kezheng, secretary of the party committee, chairman and president of the group company, spoke at the meeting as a representative of entrepreneurs.

Reporting statements

(On the evening of October 8, Henan Satellite TV's news broadcast program broadcast the event)

Huang Kezheng introduced the basic situation of Henan Xinghan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to the leaders at the meeting. Xinghan Company was wholly-owned by Henan Installation Group. It is a backbone enterprise in the Nanle National Bio-based Materials Industrial Park, and it is also a collection of agricultural products deep processing and biological fermentation, A high-tech enterprise integrating biological manufacturing. After the 200000-ton/year high-gloss pure polymer-grade L-lactic acid project invested by the company is put into production, thousands of jobs will be created, and the economic benefits will reach hundreds of millions of yuan, making it an important domestic L-lactic acid production base. Huang Kezheng said: The 200000-ton/year high-gloss pure polymeric L-lactic acid project invested by the group company has gone from a clean land to a factory building in a short period of 3 months, thanks to the continuous attention and strong support of leaders at all levels; Thanks to effective approval services and an excellent business environment; Thanks to the pragmatic assistance measures and continuous follow-up and supervision of "ten thousand people helping ten thousand enterprises. In the next step, we will continue to seize the opportunity of the country to increase the control of "white pollution", continue to seize the industrial highlands, continue to expand the scale of production, and make new and greater contributions to building a beautiful home with clear water and blue sky.


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