Core Values

"One"-pass a good voice (unify thinking, reach a consensus, form a joint force, order and prohibit).

"two" -- carry forward the two spirits ("three stresses" and "three hardships").

"Four"-the implementation of the four major strategies (operating, cost, talent, scientific and technological innovation).

"Four"-implement the four major development concepts ("18-character" work policy, "live, live long, live well", "improve governance, strengthen management and control").

Management policyHonesty and law-abiding, dedication, care for life, protect the environment, process control, continuous improvement.

Management objectives: informatization, standardization, refinement, industrialization and specialization, referred to as "five modernizations".

Business philosophy: integrity and pragmatic, win-win cooperation.

management concept: Improve governance and strengthen control.

Four strategies: Business strategy, talent strategy, cost strategy, science and technology innovation strategy.

Execution philosophy: A promise will be fulfilled, and a ban will be imposed.