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Social responsibility refers to the responsibility of an organization to society. An organization should operate and manage in a way that is conducive to society. Social responsibility usually refers to the social obligations that the organization bears above the organization's own goals. If a company not only assumes legal and economic obligations, but also assumes the obligation to pursue long-term goals that are beneficial to society, we say that the company is socially responsible.

Social responsibility includes corporate environmental protection, social ethics, and public interests. It has economic responsibility, sustainable development responsibility, legal responsibility, and ethical responsibility.

Economic Responsibility: Refers to the company's responsibility for production, profitability, and meeting consumer demand. At its core is the company's ability to generate profits and realize value. The company's economic responsibility performance can be examined through three aspects: finance, product service and governance structure.

Responsibility for sustainable development: the responsibility to ensure the sustainable development of the company and society. This responsibility can be examined through both environmental responsibility and innovation responsibility.

Legal liability: The responsibility of the company to fulfill its obligations under laws and regulations. This responsibility can be examined through both tax liability and employer liability.

Moral Responsibility: Refers to the company's responsibility to meet social norms, norms and values, and to return to society. This responsibility can be examined through both internal ethical responsibility and external ethical responsibility.

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