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"One two three four" core values

"One" - passing a good voice (unifying thoughts, reaching consensus, forming synergy, and prohibiting the line)

"Two" - carry forward two spirits ("three stresses" and "three bitterness")

"Three" - implementation of three major strategies (management, cost, talent)

"Four" - implement the four development concepts ("eighteen characters" work policy, "live, live for a long time, live well", "the lowest price, the best quality, the best service", "improve governance, strengthen Control")

The purpose and goal of corporate culture construction

Establishing the concept of cultural nurturing, cultural management, and cultural development, the company culture is gradually internalized in the heart, solidified in the system, and externalized, providing ideological support and intellectual support for guiding the company to adapt to new development.

"eighteen words" work policy

Tree confidence, change style, plastic image, credit, honesty, and development.

"Three stresses, three sufferings" spirit

"Three stresses" means giving, not asking for; speaking hard, not giving pleasure; speaking collectively, not speaking about individuals.

"Three bitterness" means hardship in thinking, hard work in life, and hardship in life.

Four questions

(1) When the company encounters difficulties or crises, can it help?

(2) When the company's interests are damaged, can you stand up?

(3) When the interests of the company conflict with personal interests, is it first to consider the interests of the company or to consider personal interests first?

(4) When the company system is damaged, can it stand firm and maintain the seriousness of the company system?

Four self

Self-weight, self-discipline, self-reflection, self-policing.

Four cautious

Be cautious, cautious, cautious, and cautious.

Three strategies

Business strategy, cost strategy, talent strategy.

Business philosophy

Integrity and pragmatism, cooperation and win-win.

operating strategy

Based in the Central Plains, facing the country and going to the world.

Business purpose

Do a project, build a monument, hand over a group of friends, train a group of talents, and expand a market.

Management philosophy

Improve governance and strengthen management and control.

Management policy

Integrity and law-abiding, dedication to quality, care for life, environmental protection, process control, and continuous improvement.

Executive concept

There is promise to be punished and the order is forbidden.

Service philosophy

Meet customer needs; one hour to complete.

Company emblem composition and meaning

The emblem is composed of two parts. The upper part is the two letters "Y" and "A" (the standard color is red) in the Chinese Pinyin head of "Yu'an", and the lower part is the Chinese Pinyin (black body) of "Yu'an" (the standard color is black). [Meaning]: This logo gives a pyramid-like sense of stability from the overall visual perspective, and the arrow form represents the spirit of struggling upwards; in terms of connotation, the streamlined strip of the small "Y" in the middle constitutes a large "A" The word symbolizes the company's heroic spirit of basing itself on Henan and expanding the country to the world. It implies that the company's business has grown continuously from the province to the province and from the whole country to the world.

Company flag composition and specifications

Flag of Henan Province Installation Group Co., Ltd. (Sqi) Siqi is an important part of the corporate image communication system. The good visual image of Siqi is conducive to the spread of the image of Henan Province Installation Group Co., Ltd. The size and proportion of the standard combination should be strictly observed in the actual production. ● Flag specification: The banner is divided into No. 1 (2.88 m × 1.92 m), No. 2 (2.4 m × 1.6 m), No. 3 (1.9 m × 1.2 m), No. 4 (1.2 m × 0.96 m), 5 by size. No. (0.96 m × 0.64 m) ● The background color value of the banner is: PANTONE: 50% Proc. Cyan C, CMYK: C50 ● Material: artificial nylon silk ● Process: screen printing, thermal transfer ● The specific size of the flag According to the height of the flagpole, the flag must be placed in the middle, and the flag should be placed on both sides.

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